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About us

We are a holding company of innovative, novel solutions to some of aquaculture’s biggest challenges, supported by a growing group of global investors committed to our future food system.

We are long term partners who understand that changing a system is far from straightforward, but believe if we can do better regarding our planet and populations health, we must, whatever it takes.

We chose aquaculture when we learned how big and fast growing an industry it was with almost no outside investment going into it. We knew of its environmental challenges but saw some pretty perfect examples of sustainable aquaculture being sold at a very high premium in high end markets and realised if we could scale these solutions for greener feed ingredients, better disease management, more efficient feeding, for example, we could produce at this level of sustainability in a cost effective way for all.

Changing an industry requires a full system redesign of the parts and how they fit together. Because most of aquaculture’s growth is still ahead of it and because in the end better practices benefit all of us, a redesign felt possible and even welcome. The time to get this right is now.

We invest all over the world, all across the value chain. We like to work with likeminded partners who share a vision of the optimal aquaculture industry and have a cooperative, open way of working.

To demonstrate that this system can work at scale on a global level we aim to build our portfolio to 60-80 companies focussed on unique solutions.

With over 300 investors from more than 25 countries, Aqua-Spark is a global community of investors supporting the growth of a new sustainable, commercial aquaculture industry.

We are also seeking entrepreneurs working toward a more sustainable aquaculture food system.

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