With our growing world population we are placing Earth’s natural resources under severe pressure. One of our most pressing challenges will be to feed everyone a balanced and nutritious diet while keeping our effects on the environment to a minimum.

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The Fish Site: Aqua-Spark recruits sustainability stalwart

  • Post published:September 1, 2020

Aqua-Spark, the first investment fund focused on sustainable aquaculture, has appointed aquaculture industry expert Flavio Corsin as its director of partnerships.

Corsin has spent more than two decades working in responsible aquaculture globally for non-profit, intergovernmental and commercial organisations. He will be joining Aqua-Spark from IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, which brings together governments, companies, CSOs, and financiers around sustainable production and trade. While at IDH, Corsin oversaw the aquaculture programme, steering projects on sustainable aquaculture in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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