With our growing world population we are placing Earth’s natural resources under severe pressure. One of our most pressing challenges will be to feed everyone a balanced and nutritious diet while keeping our effects on the environment to a minimum.

Our experts

Marc Verdegem

Aquaculture Systems Management, Ph.D

Lecturer, Fish Culture and Fisheries Group, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
Focus Aquaculture systems management
Education Marine Sciences with specialization in Aquaculture, University of Puerto Rico, USA
Background Since 1980, was or is involved with the execution, coordination and management of numerous projects in the Caribbean, Central America, Africa and Asia. Focuses on recirculation technology, nutrient flows through the aquatic foodweb and interactions between cultured organisms (fish, shrimp, shellfish and algae) and microbiota. Activities include teaching (BSc, MSc and PhD level), research and MSc study coordination
Notable accomplishments Received the highest Wageningen University award for his teaching, 2013
Why aquaculture?Sustainable aquaculture should aim to reconcile our longing for healthy and natural food with the need to feed 9 billion people in the future. This must be done within the resource limits of one planet. Aquaculture can do this. Contributing to the development of concepts en technologies making this to happen I consider important.