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Virgin Unite: The first investment fund for sustainable fish farming

These days, you can’t open a paper without reading about the farm to table movement and the trend towards locally sourced greens and meats. This is something to be celebrated, as we now have options and can make educated choices about our food. Yet when people open their menus or head to the grocery, they often don’t know how to approach the question of seafood. Is it healthy? What is being overfished? Where did it come from? Is it really sustainable?

Many of these answers aren’t what we want to hear. In terms of overfishing, the current landscape is grim. The world’s fish stocks are being harvested faster than they can reproduce. 80% of fish stocks are already fully exploited or in decline. 90% of all large predatory fish – including for example Bluefin Tuna, Atlantic Cod and Atlantic Halibut – are gone. Scientists predict that if current trends continue, world food fisheries could collapse entirely by 2050.

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