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Impact Alpha: Investors Target Growing Demand for Healthy, Sustainable, Tasty Fish

The hook is baited, and private-equity and venture-capital fund managers are reeling in capital to finance next-generation fish-farming enterprises across the country and around the world.

Several dedicated funds are targeting aquaculture investments specifically. At the same time, many broader venture capital and private-equity funds, focused on food and agriculture and even technology, are adding investments in wild-caught seafood suppliers, processors and consumer brands, as well as aquaculture, to diversify their portfolios.

Even some public-equities investors have added oceans-related investment strategies; Rockefeller & Co., for example, is betting that increased regulation around ocean health will increase the value of sustainability-based ocean assets.

The result is a clear uptick in investor interest and available capital for enterprises targeted at the sweet spot of the food market — healthy, sustainable, tasty fish…

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