With our growing world population we are placing Earth’s natural resources under severe pressure. One of our most pressing challenges will be to feed everyone a balanced and nutritious diet while keeping our effects on the environment to a minimum.

IoT, data and marketplace platform that helps farmers generate more income using smart feeding technology

eFishery has developed a smart fish feeding machine with the power to revolutionize commercial aquaculture.

eFishery is the integrated feeding solution for fish and shrimp farming. Their internet connected machine can automatically sense, adjust, and disperse feed according to the fishes’ behavioral appetite. You can control your fish/shrimp feeding performance directly from your smartphone or laptop, anytime, and anywhere. It can reduce up to 24% of the feeding cost, boost your profit, and give you convenience in handling your business remotely. The best yet affordable technology for your aquaculture business.

Cultivate their own algae, based on a circular economic mindset where carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorus emissions are converted into valuable products.
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They are focusing only on Indonesia, which has 3.5 Million fish farms; they offer fish and shrimp farmers an end to end platform with access to feed, financing and markets.
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