With our growing world population we are placing Earth’s natural resources under severe pressure. One of our most pressing challenges will be to feed everyone a balanced and nutritious diet while keeping our effects on the environment to a minimum.

Sea6 Energy is a vertically integrated seaweed producer, processor and developer headquartered in India with a subsidiary in Indonesia.

The company has developed the proprietary SeaCombine, a fully mechanized cultivation system that can simultaneously harvest and replant seaweed in deep ocean waters, enabling cost competitive production at scale. Additionally, Sea6 has developed proprietary processing technologies to convert fresh seaweed into novel products for Agriculture, Animal health, food ingredients. 

Sea6 Energy
The SeaCombine reduces the labour intensity required to harvest and seed the seaweed and can do this directly on the sea. In addition, the SeaCombine allows farming in deeper and rougher waters than otherwise possible by traditional methods. Reducing farming and processing costs opens a broad range of product applications for seaweed.
Key Differentiator
Sea6 is the only fully integrated tropical sea agriculture and seaplant based product manufacturing company in the world
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