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Aqua-Spark’s 2020 Impact Report

Willem van der Pijl
Jul 2021

When we started exploring aquaculture, we saw great solutions to some of the industry’s challenges around feed, waste, pollution and disease, but they were in the very early stages. Three striking factors stood out as holding the industry back from true sustainability Р1. the lack of coordination 2. the seemingly impenetrable opacity and 3. likely because of the first two, the absence of outside financing. These findings led to the shape of Aqua-Spark and greatly influenced our Theory of Change and the belief that through investing in companies solving pertinent challenges in aquaculture, all along the value chain, that share a vision and are open to cooperation, we could enable aquaculture to reach its potential as the healthiest, most resource-efficient, lowest footprint animal protein to produce and create the blueprint from which to scale this industry. This is our first publicly released impact report. Dive in to understand better the impact of our portfolio ecosystem.

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