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In-Depth 92-Page Introduction to Tilapia in Sub-Saharan Africa

Willem van der Pijl
Sep 2021

We don’t doubt that farmed tilapia production in sub-Saharan Africa will grow. The region’s population will increase from 1 billion presently to 2 billion by 2050. Demand for fish will far exceed the 10 million MT of today and by 2050 may reach between 16-29 million MT per year. Due to overexploitation, wild catch can’t be increased, and thus won’t be able to meet the additional demand. We at Aqua-Spark believe that aquaculture production will have to accelerate and have identified tilapia to be the fish to do so: it’s scalable and it’s healthy, sustainable, and affordable.

In this report we provide you with an overview of the current geography of tilapia production, the producers involved, and the various segments of the supply chain (including feed and feed ingredients, genetics and hatcheries, health, aquatech, and marketing and distribution), and an overview of the investment opportunities and the existing investment landscape. After reading this report, you’ll have a good overview of the status of the sector and understand what’s needed to take tilapia in sub-Saharan Africa to the next level.

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