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In-Depth 96-Page Report About The Transformative Power of Digital Aquatech

Willem van der Pijl
Apr 2022

Since we started in 2015, the value of our digital aquatech portfolio has reached $150m. Luckily, we haven’t been the only ones investing. We’ve seen at least 100 investors joining us in the digital aquatech space, ranging from early-stage VCs to late-stage VCs, and from dedicated ocean funds to large corporate VC funds. A great start, but to accelerate the digital transformation of the aquaculture industry, much more investment is needed. We’re therefore excited to present this second edition of Aqua-Spark’s Aqua Insights Report Series: The Transformative Power of Digital Aquatech. We believe digital aquatech will enable more efficiency, transparency, and sustainability in the industry, while increasing a farmer’s profitability and laying the framework for a resilient aquaculture industry in the future.

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