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Annuska Hendrix

Managing Director HFS

Annuska manages HFS, Homeport Family Services, a single client family office located in Antwerp, Belgium. HFS provides and coordinates any and all appropriate services to maximize the long-term well-being of the family. The office is independent from any financial institution and adheres to a high level of discretion.

In her activities, Annuska is a strong advocate of sustainability and impact. She has a large network within the world of impact and sustainability investing and frequently attends conferences and gatherings on these subjects.
Annuska has strong social and empathic skills and succeeds in uniting people around a common goal. She enjoys working together with entrepreneurs.

Annuska is a passionate reader and was the founder of a successful bookstore in Passa Porta, an international house of literature in Brussels. She holds a Master in Commercial and Fiscal Sciences from the University of Leuven, Belgium and started her career as a tax consultant with Deloitte. She lives and works in Belgium and holds Belgian nationality