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Fadoua Boudiba

Investment Manager

Fadoua Boudiba serves as our Lead Aqua-Spark Africa Fund and Portfolio Manager. With nearly two decades of expertise in impact investment and emerging markets, Fadoua brings a lot of experience to the Aqua-Spark team. Before joining Aqua-Spark, Fadoua worked as Regional Manager at Triodos Investment Management, focusing on Africa and the MENA region.  There, she led a team dedicated to enhancing access to finance but also early-stage companies in offgrid and agriculture sectors. Prior to joining Triodos, she was a senior investment manager at Incofin Investment Management covering ECCA and MENA regions. She has also worked for IFC on Technical Assistance in Egypt and worked in fund management at Citibank and Euroclear. Fadoua holds a Master’s degrees from haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer de la Ville de Bruxelles (Belgium) and Microfinance from Solvay Business School. In her free time, she loves cooking and travelling.