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Hussam Eltayeb

Investment Manager: New Deals Africa

Hussam is part of the Investment Team of Aqua Spark and primarily focuses on structuring and executing new deals in Africa. He started his career in Cairo working at a leading regional investment bank with a focus on merger and acquisitions. He later moved to Frankfurt and worked at Finance in Motion, where he played a pivotal role in the inception and management of the Equity Sub Fund of the SANAD Fund for MSMEs – which facilitates financial inclusion in the MENA region. Prior to joining Aqua Spark, he spent two years at Philips Lighting, where he was responsible for modeling lighting markets and spearheaded a project to quantify the environmental and economic impact of the transition to energy efficient lighting. He is passionate about economic development on the continent and is an advisor to ‘249 Startups’ – the leading startup incubator in Sudan and serves on the board of Melanin Kapital – an award winning fintech platform that supports MSMEs. In his spare time, he nurtures initiatives with Sudanese musicians and artists that center around social development.

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