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Ivar Warrer-Hansen

Head of Business Developments at Inter Aqua Advance A/S

Focus World renowned expert in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology, assessment of different RAS concepts for commercial viability and new potential fish species for RAS production.
Education Chemical engineering, Copenhagen Business School.
Background Ivar started at the Water Quality Institute in Denmark (now DHI and the Environment) in Environmental Sciences where he co-founded the Aquaculture Department at the institute. It was here that the first research into commercial RAS development took place (mid 1970’s). Ivar was in the forefront of RAS development and implementation. Ivar moved to Ireland in 1982 and built up a substantial aquaculture production. He worked for 10 years for the world’s largest fish feed manufacturer, Skretting – helping their customers with environmental impact assessments, fish farm developments, RAS projects and other technical issues. For the last 10 years he worked with RAS developments and have for instance been instrumental in implementing technologies within the salmon sector.
Notable accomplishment Member of EIFAC (European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission), Board member of Aquaculture Engineering Society, Chairman of EU Commission dealing with harmonization of Environmental Legislation within the EU, author of a number educational compilations for aquaculture for the Irish Sea Fisheries Board, who are responsible for aquaculture developments in Ireland.
Why aquaculture? Working as a senior researcher at the Water Quality Institute with the transition from looking at water and pollution problems from scientific angles (wastewater treatment, environmental surveys etc.) to actually using water for a specific purpose (aquaculture) was very exciting and was the beginning to a successful commercial career within aquaculture production. Being in the forefront of RAS development and implementation was an extra exciting.