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Jacqueline Pieters-Zetsma

Chairman, University Fund Wageningen

Jacqueline Pieters-Zetsma joined Rabobank in 1992 and has since worked as an investment and relationship banker in the food and agribusiness sector globally. In the past 10 years, Ms. Pieters has undertaken roles at Rabobank including global head of mergers and acquisition, global head of F&A sector banking and global head of dairy. From 2017 until 2020, she headed Rabobank’s Global Banking for Food Inspiration Center responsible for the bank’s global food and agribusiness education, innovation, partnership, research and strategy. In early 2020, Ms. Pieters was seconded from Rabobank to lead finance and investment for Vision 2050 at the World Business Council of Sustainable Development, where she was tasked with identifying a system transformation for finance and investment that will allow over nine billion people to live well and within the boundaries of the planet by mid-century. Ms. Pieters holds an M.S. from Wageningen University. She is based in the Netherlands.