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Malcolm Beveridge

Malcolm Beveridge, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor at University of Stirling, former Discipline Director of the Aquaculture and Genetic Improvement, WorldFish
Focus The impacts of aquaculture and fisheries on the environment, poverty, and hunger
Education Aquatic Ecology, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Background Over 20 years of experience in implementation research and capacity building projects with multidisciplinary partners in both tropical and temperate parts of the world, and 30 years research experience in aquatic resources management, including aquaculture and fisheries and their impacts, GIS, habitat restoration, limnology and fish ecology
Notable accomplishment Received the FAO Andre Mayer Research Fellowship at the University of the Philippines (1983) for work on the environmental impacts of cage aquaculture
Why aquaculture? With the right partners, stakeholders and technologies, aquaculture can deliver on its potential to transform lives and feed the planet